OSRA’s First Quarter From Launch 🚀


We’re excited to celebrate the first quarter since OSRA’s formation! 🙌🎉

We have accomplished these goals following our launch:
– Formed the Technical Governance Committee, convened monthly meetings, identified near-term priorities and action items
– Launched Project Management Committees for ROS, Gazebo, Open-RMF, and Infrastructure

More details will come soon at www.osralliance.org and in our upcoming newsletter.

We are thankful for our thirty-three (33) organization members and forty-six (46) individual members. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Platinum: Intrinsic, NVIDIA, Qualcomm
Gold: Apex.AI, Stogl Robotics, ZettaScale Technology
Silver: Aitronik, Asimovo, Clearpath Robotics by Rockwell Automation, Cogniteam, Dexory, Ekumen, eProsima, Foxglove, Husarion, InOrbit.AI, PickNik Robotics, ROBOTO AI, Rerun, Tangram Vision, Viam, Zachry Corporation
Associate: Autoware Foundation, Silicon Valley Robotics
Supporting Orgs: Asensus Surgical, Canonical, Locus Robotics, Metrorobots, Open Navigation LLC, Polymath Robotics, TRACLabs

Your partnership and commitment allow us to continue our work for and on behalf of ROS, Gazebo, and Open-RMF. Thank you.

And as of today, we welcome our newest Gold member, Bosch, and our newest Silver member, Robotec.ai. Welcome to the OSRA!