Yuki is the Founder and CEO at RT Corporation and has been involved in Japanese humanoid and home robotics for almost her entire career. Yuki is on the organizing committee of ROSCon JP, the local ROSCon for the Japanese ROS community, and has been involved in educational robots in Japan for many years. She started RT Corporation in 2005, a company that develops, sells, and trains university students and professional engineers about service robots, and became its representative director. RT is the official ROS supporter of Denso Wave COBOTTA. In 2020, she received the Strait of Magellan Award. In 2022, she was certified as a fellow of robot education and food robotics from the Robotics Society of Japan. Her company is one of the early adopters of ROS in Japan.

“I have not only been passionate about robots for almost my entire life, but equally passionate about teaching and training students and engineers about the promise of the robotics industry. I can’t imagine a better organization to join that will allow me to continue my efforts to grow the worldwide ROS community.” – Yuki Nakagawa, President and CEO, RT Corporation