Geoffrey Biggs was a software engineer at Open Source Robotics Corporation, where he worked mainly on ROS and Open-RMF. Prior to this he worked as a senior researcher at Japan’s Institute of Advanced Industrial Engineering Technology, and an engineering manager at Tier IV, Inc., where he was part of the technical leadership team of the Autoware Foundation. Geoff has nearly 20 years of experience working with and on open-source software, beginning with the Player Project, which he started contributing to while studying for his PhD at The University of Auckland. In recent years this has bloomed into related community activities: He has led the organisation of ROSCon JP since 2017 and prior to the pandemic regularly gave free tutorials on ROS to the Japanese ROS community. Geoff loves supporting those who create amazing robot applications by providing them with the software engineering tools and knowledge to do so. He is also constantly looking for ways to convince the world that formal methods are great. Outside of this work, he spends his time building anything that can be built with wood or plastic, and torturing himself with mountains. Originally from New Zealand, Geoff has lived in Japan for 15 years.